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Class Fee: $175

The Brain Highways Training Course fee includes multimedia materials (totaling 21 audio clips, 29 videos, and 91 files of pdf support handouts) that teach participants how to screen for incomplete lower brain development, as well as how to apply such knowledge when interacting with others. This course fee does not include teaching parents how to facilitate lasting changes in their child’s brain (or in their own brain) nor does it teach adults (without kids) how to create lasting changes in their own brain.



Enrollment Notes

  • If you want to learn how to facilitate your child’s brain development (while also organizing your own brain), you'd want to enroll in the Family Program-not this Training Program-since the latter has a very different focus.

  • If you want to learn how to organize your own brain (without also facilitating any kids’ brain development), you'd want to enroll in the online Adult program-not this Training Program-since (again) the latter has a very different focus.

  • While the course officially starts, we begin what's called a materials trial run three days prior. This quick process ensures that everyone has no problems listening to audio clips, viewing videos, uploading videos, and downloading handouts. That way, everyone is ready-to-go when we first send our course materials.

  • Each online course has a maximum number of participants. All classes are filled on a first-come/first-served basis.

  • Upon completing your enrollment, you’ll receive an automated confirmation email, and then (please note), you won’t hear from us again until the trial run is about to begin.

Please note that you’ll need to review specific materials (noted on our Enrollment Information page) prior to signing up. At the bottom of that page, we direct you how to complete your registration for the upcoming class.