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After we know someone’s lower brain profile, we may radically change how we help that person.

the brain highways training program

That’s why we offer a 9-week online Brain Highways Training Program. This makes it easy for professionals to learn how to assess others for incomplete lower brain development and then how to apply such information when working with students, clients, patients, and athletes. 

Such information is often key to moving people forward—especially when traditional approaches have not done so.

Note the Training Program does not teach participants how to organize their own brain or how to facilitate someone else’s brain organization. That’s the focus of the Brain Highways Family and Adult Programs.




Watch a preview from the Training Program.

This visual imagery screening is one of 21 live screenings included in the course. Each live screening shows an assessment of a specific area or function of the brain, as well as how to interpret what is being observed.




We want people’s expectations to be in sync with what the Training Program offers.

While we love people’s zest to jump right in and enroll, we don’t want anyone to do that without first reviewing the information in this section. That’s why it is truly in your best interest to go to the Training Program’s Class Schedules and Fees and Enrollment Information pages (these links also appear in this section’s menu) only after you know, with certainty, that this is a course you’d like to take. 




After participating in the Brain Highways training program, our teachers have a new perspective about lower brain development. As a result, they have made some significant changes to their teaching philosophies and strategies. We now also include the Brain Highways Screening process as part of our battery of assessments, which has provided great insight and tools for communicating with parents.

Holly Sherman, Principal
Pathway School