We want you to be certain that our program is a good “fit” for you.

So, as a bare minimum, please make sure you do each of the steps listed below (if you haven’t already done so) before you enroll.


It should take you about 30 minutes (total) to review what’s required.

Note that since all the audios and videos can be heard and viewed on mobile devices, you might opt to review some or all of the materials while riding in the car or while you’re at many other places away from your home computer.


If you can’t find the time to review everything, that’s good feedback.

That probably means you’re already likely stretched too thin to do our program. That’s because participants also need to find time to review new multimedia materials each week of the course.




Prior to enrolling . . .

1. Listen to all the audios at the top of the Course Overview page.

2. Read the Training Program FAQ.

3. Read the Training Program Commitment to know what’s expected of you.

4. While not required, we also encourage you to watch the Videos for Kids and Adults and the TEDx Video in order to get a better sense of how incomplete lower brain development may affect people in ways we may not realize. We also suggest that you browse through our Program Results Galleries to learn what kinds of changes people actually experience once they begin to organize their brain.

5. If after going through the above enrollment steps, you think, “YES!”-I would like to participate in the Training Program-then we’re more than happy to teach you everything we know.   

So, to reserve a spot in the upcoming course, you’ll need to now create an account, sign the class commitment form/waiver, and submit your payment. Click on the Brain Highways Training Program Registration to complete that process.