We’re upfront about our policies and program commitment.


• Brain Highways is only an educational program intended to provide information, movements, and activities related to brain development.

• It is a misrepresentation of a Brain Highways screening to use the results to identify someone as having a learning disability, a medical condition or diagnosis, or in need for special services.

• Participants may screen whomever they believe may benefit, but they may never charge money for any of the assessments presented in the Brain Highways screening course—regardless of the situation.

• Professionals may not increase rates for a typical visit if adding one or more Brain Highways screenings to their services.

• All materials, techniques, and methods provided to participants are considered proprietary to Brain Highways. By enrolling in the program, participants agree never to use any of the Brain Highways proprietary information for their own commercial use or the commercial use for someone else whereupon the proprietary information may result in financial gain.

• Participants may only share those materials that have been clearly designated as enhancing a screening or helping people better understand the results. The rest of the program materials may not be forwarded or duplicated or shared in any other way.

• Distributing Brain Highways materials (that are not intended to be shared) to those not enrolled in the program is grounds for ending such participants’ participation with no refund.

• Participants are not authorized or allowed to teach others how to facilitate the Brain Highways screenings that are presented in the course.

• Participants release Brain Highways from any legal claims and assume full responsibility and liability for anything that may happen when screening others and for their own actions by participating in the course.

• Participants have high speed internet, Adobe Flash Player (for viewing videos), and Adobe Reader to view and print PDF handouts.

• Brain Highways staff does not make special accommodations to deliver course materials in ways that differ from how the weekly multimedia links are sent.

• Once enrolled in a class, there are no refunds or credits.

• Brain Highways reserves the right to stop sending the course materials to participants who violate any of the above terms. In such case, there is no refund or credit. 

Click on the Brain Highways waiver if you’d like to review that, as well.