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All in a Word   
UPCOMING COURSE DATES: March 2nd-April 6th 

Learn over 300 impressive words—without ever opening a dictionary or thesaurus—in a unique online vocabulary program.


Kidwriter makes writing easy.

Whether it's families who are homeschooling or parents and kids just interested in engaging in a new kind of family fun, Kidwriter requires minimal effort to implement. That's because Kidwriter’s multimedia materials and lessons are specifically created to be in sync with how the brain learns naturally and to ensure that everyone learns to write WITH JOY.  So, whomever assumes the role of teacher just facilitates whatever has been provided—and then, everyone automatically has a great time. It’s truly that simple. 



We’ve started transforming Kidwriter into an online series.

Created in 1995, the Kidwriter program was first implemented in various public schools in Southern California. But modern technology and mobile-friendly electronics have made it possible for anyone—anywhereto access this unique way of teaching.



We chose All in a Word to be our first online Kidwriter program.

Social media platformsTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat—now encourage people to use as few words as possible. So, it’s probably no surprise that today’s average child’s vocabulary is significantly less than kids just fifty years ago. That sobering fact may explain why so many of today’s kids now find it challenging to comprehend specific literary works.

But a limited vocabulary also means kids are going to have fewer choices when searching for that “perfect” word while writing and editing. In truth, how can we expect kids to write quality sentences and paragraphs if they don’t already have a rich vocabulary in place? And so, for that very reason, we opted to make All in a Word our very first online Kidwriter program.



All in a Word makes it easy for every kid to shine.

While our program was created for everyone, kids who struggle with writing (and school, in general) happily discover that All in a Word differs greatly from their prior learning experiences.

For example, kids with ADHD love how All in a Word lessons include lots of movement and make it easy to stay focused. Kids known to “shut down” when faced with difficult challenges appreciate how All in a Word lessons don’t trigger flight or freeze responses. Kids who tend to be more creative than literal learners welcome the program’s many opportunities to share their imagination. And kids with sensory processing problems are grateful that information is shared through many sensory channelswhich then increases their probability of registering whatever is coming in.



We’ll continue to present more online Kidwriter programs.

Our goal is to eventually present the entire Kidwriter series as an online program. This series includes All in Spelling, All in Printed Letters, All in a Sentence, All in a Paragraph, All in Grammar, and All in Punctuation.