Listen to short audios with lots of information. 

Each audio addresses our onsite screening.



Upcoming Pons Session: September 16th-November 24th*

There is a two-week course preparation time for parents to spend about one hour during each of those two weeks preparing for the official start of the course. Kids do not begin until September 29th.

All families need to attend a free screening session before enrolling. If you already know that you want to enroll in this onsite pons course, it's possible to join the class that has just begun. However, we'd first need to arrange for you and your child to come to the Brain Highways Center on this Thursday so we can do a condensed version of our Sunday community, screening sessions. To set that up, please send an email to by this Wednesday. 

Otherwise, our next free, screening session is on October 6th. To make a reservation for that date, go to




We make it easy to learn about a child’s lower brain development.

On many Sunday evenings, we offer free, informational community screening sessions for families. Here, parents have their individual questions answered and learn more about brain organization, while their kids play with cool brain toys and go on our apparatus. 

We then do a “hands on” assessment of the visiting kids’ lower brain development (though they think they’re just playing games). This extra screening is intended to provide additional confirmation of whatever parents learned from the online screening.

Read the Screening FAQ to find out specific information about our community sessions.




We start our Sunday community screening sessions at 5:00pm.    

It’s important that families arrive promptly at 5:00pm. The length of sessions vary somewhat, depending on the number of kids to screen and number of questions asked). In general, parents should plan on staying until 7:00 (but can leave earlier, if needed).

Note that we limit parents to bringing just two kids to any screening session. Please make childcare arrangements for all other children. Thank you.




We ask you to do some preparation before you come to a screening.

We start our screenings with the assumption that parents have some knowledge before we begin and that they have already completed our online assessment for their child. This then allows us to dive right into new information (that’s not on our site), further assess each child, and answer individual questions—all within the time frame of a screening session.

While parents are encouraged to review additional parts of our site, they do the following before attending a community screening session.



Note that all audios and videos can be viewed on mobile devices, making it easy to review these materials at various times, at places even away from home. In total, reviewing these materials should take about an hour.




Families need to make a reservation to attend a community screening session.

We do limit the number of families who can come to each screening session. 

Our upcoming screening date and reservation form are on our San Diego Screening Reservation page. 

Click here to see photos of our Brain Highways Center.




We are at 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 217 • Encinitas • CA