To do our part to help slow the coronavirus, we won’t be holding onsite classes for the time being. Instead, families who live near the Brain Highways Center will just participate in the online family program (as most people in the world do).

However, if in the middle of this upcoming course, there’s a change (and it’s safe for everyone to resume life as before), we’ll shift back to holding classes at the Brain Highways Center. For now, please click on the online family course link, and follow those steps.


Follow these steps to learn specific information about our onsite family program.
Step 1: Review the Family Course Basics.
Step 2: Reserve a spot to attend a free, community screening session at the Brain Highway Center.

Note that anyone interested in participating in the onsite family program needs to first attend one of these community sessions, although there’s absolutely no obligation to enroll in a class by doing so.

For families who do wish to participate in the upcoming class, they can officially enroll at the end of their  community session.

Step 3: If you choose to do so, take a free online lower brain assessment of your child and yourself.
Step 4: If you want to dig deeper, read the blog posts below, and then click on each link in the menu on this page.

Read blog posts written by both parents and kids.

A 4-Year-Old Proves the Brain Can Change

Jin first shares her skepticism and then her amazement as she describes her son’s improvements after just 18 hours of organizing his brain—and then writes, again, an update after he had completed 125 hours.  Read the blog

How a Mom and Son Changed Their Brains, Week by Week

Kathy shares her log of how both she and her son experienced improvements throughout the pons course. Read the post

Expect the Unexpected with Brain Organization

Each week, Heidi and her family crossed the Mexican border to attend classes at the San Diego Brain Highways Center. Here, she writes about the many huge changes they all experienced after clocking just 24 hours of the physical brain work. Read the post

Brain Highways

Rebekah, our youngest guest blogger, shares her perception of her first visit at the Brain Highways Center—and then what she thinks after she has been experiencing brain organization, first-hand. Read the post



Upcoming Pons Session: March 27th-June 11th*

*There is a two-week course preparation time just for parents, where they spend a little more than one hour (total) during each of those weeks to review materials. The kids join the course on April 11th (the first day of class.

*While classes are ordinarily held on Sunday, the first class will be on Saturday, April 11th, since Sunday, April 12th, is Easter.

All families need to attend a free screening session before enrolling. 

Reserve a spot for a free, community screening session at the Brain Highways Center.