Our site offers a lot of information about the brain.

While we do provide specific details about each of our three programs (Families, Adults, and Training) in their respective sections on this site, our primary intent was to create a place where people could learn about the brain, at their own pace, from a variety of multimedia materials. Such information might then offer people new perspectives on how the brain truly affects every part of our life.




We present (below) a general overview of what’s included on this site.

If you think others might also be interested in learning about the brain, you can additionally print a pdf version of the Brain Highways Website Overview, and then give this flier to whomever you think might benefit.



the brain highways home page

The Brain Highways Website Overview

The brain can change . . . but what does that mean to adults and kids?

Well, the Brain Highways website makes possible to understand this life-changing statement and why such information may be important to so many people.

Using a multimedia approach that works on mobile devices, as well as home computers, adults and kids can now learn all about the brain—without ever spending a dime.

So, what’s on the site?
14 entertaining videos (for kids and adults) that include how incomplete lower brain development affects behavior and performance, a TEDx presentation on the possibilities of a well organized brain, a Fox News story featuring families who have already benefited from brain organization, and more.

100 short audio clips, with accompanying transcripts, give people a chance to learn information through their either their auditory or visual sensory pathways. Questions include topics such as:

Correlation pages explain how behaviors commonly associated with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, and more may also be explained by incomplete lower brain development.

Online lower brain assessments make it easy to discover whether our own brain is working as intended.

Brain Pics provide an innovative way to learn information quickly.

Blog posts cover topics such as depression, attention, reading problems, and more.

Galleries feature lots of kids and adults who share their own experiences with brain organization.

Kidwriter offers an online writing program that is in sync with how the brain learns naturally.

While more than half the site intentionally focuses on just learning about the brain, in general, we also include information on our various educational programs (Family Program, Adult Program, Training Program) for those who want to continue to learn more.