Brain Highways Screening Section Summary


Click on the “Brain Pic” to learn what’s in the Free Screening section.

Our Brain Pics are a simple way to quickly glean lots of information. 


Listen to short audios with lots of information. 

Each audio addresses a lower brain assessment theme.



We think everyone should know the answer to this question.


How developed is your lower brain?


So, why do we think that’s important to know? Well, retained primitive reflexes and incomplete lower brain development are often linked to problems with focus, anxiety, coordination, academic performance, depression, visual processing, auditory processing, balance, reading comprehension, social skills, and more.

Or, maybe we don’t struggle with any of the above . . . but we discover (after doing a lower brain assessment) that we’ve been relying on compensations—and so, we’re actually capable of producing much more and with less effort. That would be great news, right?




We offer free screenings.

Our online screening (for both kids and adults) is an easy way to learn whether someone has completed his or her lower brain development. This screening is intended for anyone interested in our online or onsite family program.

For those who live near the San Diego Brain Highways Center, we also offer an additional, fun hands-on screening for kids and teens who are 5-17 years old.




If you want to be screened . . .

Learn more about our free San Diego community screening sessions, as well as how to make a reservation to attend one.

Learn how to do a Brain Highways online child assessment.

Learn how to do a Brain Highways online adult assessment.




If every child completed the Brain Highways curriculum, school districts would save thousands of dollars on remedial programs, and children would have the opportunity to learn with joy and success.

Emily Andrade
Retired Assistant Superintendent