Follow these steps for a lower brain assessment.
Step 1: Listen to short audios about lower brain assessments, or go straight to the online assessments.

Step 2: Take an online lower brain assessment for your child and yourself.


Step 3: Join Nancy Green, the creator of Brain Highways, in a free, community VIDEO CHAT on Sunday, April 19th, 5:00pm, PDT.

During this chat, Nancy will first give an overview of Brain Highways, explaining how it differs from other programs and why it’s helped over 16,000 people to date yield amazing, long lasting changes.

Parents will then have an opportunity to share their concerns about their child. Nancy is very experienced in correlating how specific behaviors may be related to incomplete lower brain development and an inflexible nervous system—two areas that most people haven’t yet considered in terms of why their child is continuing to struggle. She will also answer any questions you have about the program.

If you'd like to attend the April 19th community session, please contact to make a reservation.  In that email, include your name (and your spouse's name if both of you plan to attend); your child’s name and age; and your city, state (or country, if you live outside of the United States).

After receiving your email, we’ll send the link so that you can log onto the video chat.





If every child completed the Brain Highways curriculum, school districts would save thousands of dollars on remedial programs, and children would have the opportunity to learn with joy and success.

Emily Andrade
Retired Assistant Superintendent