Brain Pics make it easy to learn information quickly.

While Brain Pics are great for anyone, they’re especially helpful for those who lose focus or who have to read the same page over and over again (and still aren’t sure what they’ve just read).

But if we’ve had such experiences, here’s what also often happens. Within seconds of seeing a lot of text, our brain remembers all that prior frustration. So then, our amygdala (the brain’s threat detector) wastes no time in triggering a stress alarm. Unfortunately, once we’re in that stress mode, it’s even more difficult to read and comprehend text.

So, that’s why we created Brain Pics. We didn’t want to exclude anyone from learning what we have to offer.




Brain Pics combine fun pictures with minimal text to convey main ideas.

Not only is this combination great for the brain, but Brain Pics aren’t going to trigger anyone’s amygdala (since no one has any prior experience with them).




There are five Brain Pics on our site.

In the first band of each section of our site, you’ll find a Brain Pic. Viewing that Brain Pic will give you a good, general sense of what’s included in that section before you move onto our other multimedia approaches (audio clips, videos, written text) that provide specific information.

All of those Pics appear also below. To get a quick overview of what’s on our entire site, you can also opt click on each one right now.

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