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A baby’s first year of life lays the groundwork for the rest of his or her life.

Wow. That sounds like a pretty dramatic statement. Yet, it’s during the first of life that we’re supposed to acquire automatic brain functions that then help us to focus, read, write, play sports, and engage in social interactions later in life. However, many parents may not know what to do to ensure that their baby ends up with that strong foundation—or what parents may inadvertently be doing that interferes with such natural development.



We often think that getting our baby to walk is the end-goal of the first year of life.

And yet, much, much more is supposed to happen during that first year. It turns out that early neural connections influence the rest of our child’s life. That’s because such circuitry provides the foundation for being able to learn with ease, excel in sports, stay focused, and more.



The 90 minutes parents spend to complete this course may change their child’s entire life.

That’s because parents learn exactly which movements babies should be doing during the first year of life, as well as how to encourage and ensure that happens. Such knowledge then ensures babies complete their lower brain development and integrate primitive reflexes—both neurological changes that are key to just about everything we later do in life.

Your Baby’s Brain also includes what parents may be (unknowingly) doing that then interferes with natural brain development and ways to play and develop language that reflect how the brain likes to learn. Such neural circuitry can influence how the brain views learning in the future.