“The nervous system and the automatic machine are fundamentally alike in that they are devices, which make decisions on the basis of decisions they made in the past.” Norbert Wiener



Note: We are currently revising this program, and the new version will be available at the end of this month.

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Babies are always dialed into their parents’ nervous system.

So, we’d want to learn how to reduce our own stress levels and replace prior reactivity with more positive ways to respond. And guess what? We can also use some of these same approaches to directly calm our babies when they’re upset.



The course information is very important, but the approach is always light and fun.

The brain learns best when it’s relaxed and having a good time.  That's why the course includes humor, animation, and some intentional playfulness—even though the topic is stress!

So, with entertaining videos, short audio clips, and infographics, parents learn about the nervous system, how to avoid becoming stuck in survival mode (which then affects their baby) and  numerous techniques to calm both their own and their baby’s nervous system.



The entire course takes just two hours to complete, yet parents can access the program until the end of December 2020.

This means parents can first go through the entire course in a span of just a few days, where they glean the bigger picture of how to become grounded. But parents can also return, as often as they like, to re-watch a video or re-listen to an audio since they have the course for such an extended time.



The Calm Parents, Happy Baby: Reducing Prenatal and First-Year Stress course materials are super easy to access.

These are divided into four blocks, and each is block has five different parts.

By design, we created each of those parts so that participants only needed to review a minimal number of multimedia materials at a time. Total time to review each part requires no more than 10-15 minutes. Course pages also always include a simple way to integrate that part’s information into daily life.

Click here to see a screenshot of a sample page from the Brain Highways Babies: Calm Parents, Happy Baby: Reducing Prenatal and First-Year Stress course.



We use a combination of audio clips, videos, and handouts to present course information.

Our audios average 3-5 minutes long. These generally introduce concepts and often include personal stories to further underscore key points.

Our video clips average 2-5 minutes long. These provide yet more entertaining ways to learn information, as well as make it possible for program participants to SEE how to do certain techniques.

Our user-friendly handouts provide additional support. These give participants something to reference during and after the course ends. Note: While participants do not have access to the audios and videos once the course is over, they are able to download and save all handouts.



Parents have flexibility in how they do the program.

Some parents may think they’re already doing great by finding that 10 or 15 minutes in a day to review materials. If so, those parents will likely review only one part of the course at a time. Yet, other parents may find that doubling or tripling the number of parts to review all at once is a more doable schedule for them.

However, it’s not recommended to do the course in the same way that people often binge-watch a show—where, for example, parents try to review an entire block of materials in one sitting. That’s because the brain appreciates time to marinate on and consolidate new information, as well as time to practice a new technique before learning another one.



Participants learn more than just the 40 calming strategies and techniques.

The course also covers topics such as how and why the brain responds to stress, which lies we’ve been told that create more stress (if believed), the danger of operating near or at our threshold, how our nervous system makes threat assessments long before our conscious brain is aware, and why mirror neurons prove how parents’ stress levels directly affect their baby’s nervous system.



Program participants read basic program statements before enrolling.

We just want to make sure that everyone is on the same page before anyone registers for a Brain Highways Babies course. For example, we're only an educational program. So, nothing we offer is ever intended to interfere with whatever medical professionals may have advised a participant. Or, while we do give permission for one other person to access to the course materials (so long as that person is also a caretaker of the same child), we don't give permission for participants to forward our materials to anyone else. So, we've put those kinds of statements in our Program Agreement form.



"The calming strategies in the Reducing Stress course really work! So easy to use what's in this course—and what a difference it has made for my baby and me." Brittany Nierzwicki