“The greatest thing, then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally as opposed to our enemy.”  William James



You won’t find what’s included in the Brain Highways Babies program elsewhere.

Based on brain research and boundless information on our autonomic nervous system, we present online courses that are as fun as they are educational. Our first course, Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress, not only teaches new and expecting parents how to reduce their stress, but it also includes 40 time-tested specific, calming approaches that have already been used by over 13,000 Brain Highways participants.

Our second course, Brain Highways Babies: Developing the Brain “widens the view” by offering parents information that’s not often shared . . . to ensure their baby’s brain develops as intended during the first year of life.


Everything about the Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress course makes it easy for new and expecting parents to participate.

The entire course requires no more than 5 hours (total) to complete, with access to materials for six weeks.

Participants log on whenever it’s convenient, and choose whatever pace works best for them. (The course is divided into 20 parts, with each part taking just 10-15 minutes to review.)

All the course’s audio clips, videos, and support handouts are mobile friendly, so participants can review materials anywhere.

The course costs just $95, and that covers two parents (or one parent and caretaker).


Participants acquire information that most people don’t know.

New and expecting parents learn . . .

  1. How and why the brain responds to stress

  2. Effective strategies for reducing stress, how to be less reactive, and ways to “bounce” back once triggered

  3. Which lies about the brain we’ve been told that create more stress if believed

  4. How we reach our brain threshold and the danger of operating near or at our threshold

  5. How our nervous system works below the surface, making threat assessments long before our conscious brain is aware

  6. Why mirror neurons prove how parents’ stress levels directly affect their baby’s nervous system

  7. How to apply what we know about the brain so that we’re not stressed by what others think

  8. Simple ways to integrate program information that result in immediate changes


Are you ready to be surprised? Listen to this audio (4:15) to learn the results of an intriguing study on moms, babies, and stress.

Upcoming courses: 
Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress, December 1st-January 11th    
Brain Highways Babies: Developing the Brain, January 5th-February 2nd   
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