“The greatest thing, then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally as opposed to our enemy.”  William James



You won’t find what’s included in the Brain Highways Babies program elsewhere.

Sure, there are LOTS of baby programs already out there. Yet, what we’ve chosen to include in our two courses is rarely shared among new and expecting parents (let alone in two, short multimedia courses)—even though such information is most helpful and important for parents to know.

Our courses are also different in that we’ve taken brain research and facts on our autonomic nervous system and turned such information into entertaining videos, audios, and pdf files. But most importantly, our courses always provide instant ways for participants to apply whatever they’re learning.


We offer two, different online Brain Highways Babies courses for new and expecting parents.

Our Reducing Stress course presents easy ways for parents to stay calm and grounded. That’s especially important since babies are reading their parents’ nervous system 24/7.

Our Developing the Brain course includes why babies need to do specific movements during their first year of life, as well as concrete ways for parents to ensure that their babies do these movements. This course also presents a fresh look at common baby topics—but now, from a brain’s view.



Our Reducing Stress course presents 40 specific, calming strategies and techniques, time tested by more than 14,000 prior Brain Highways participants.

That’s why participants in this course won’t find the kind of vague suggestions often appearing in blogs on stress. In fact, those general tips—be positive, be present, manage your time—may trigger even more stress. For example, knowing that we should be positive and present while caring for our teething baby and trying to get to work on time (after a sleepless night)—may frustrate us even more.

In contrast, the Reducing Stress course truly provides new and expecting parents with lots of concrete, doable ways to keep them grounded, as well as techniques and strategies to immediately calm the brain once the stress alarm has been triggered. Best of all, these approaches are super easy to integrate into daily life.



Our Developing the Brain course only “widens the view” on what we might do during our baby’s first year of life.

When we widen our view, we don’t replace professional recommendations or negate whatever we may have already chosen as best for our child. We just now have more options that we may (or may not) decide to implement.



Everything about the Brain Highways Babies courses makes it easy for new and expecting parents to participate.

In both courses, participants log on whenever it’s convenient, and choose whatever pace works best for them.

The entire Reducing Stress course requires no more than 5 hours (total) to complete. It’s divided into 20 parts, with each part taking just 10-15 minutes to review. This course costs $95 and covers two parents (or one parent and one caretaker).

The entire Developing the Brain course requires no more than 2.5 hours (total) to complete. It’s divided into 10 parts, with each part taking about 10-15 minutes to review. This course costs $50 and covers two parents (or one parent and one caretaker).

Participants have access to each of these courses for six weeks. In both courses, the videos, audio clips, and pdf files are mobile friendly, so participants can review these materials anywhere.



Are you ready to be surprised? Listen to this audio (4:15) to learn the results of an intriguing study on moms, babies, and stress.

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Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress, September 7th-October 19th
Brain Highways Babies: Developing the Brain, September 7th-October 19th  
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