“The greatest thing, then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally as opposed to our enemy.”  William James



You won’t find what’s included in the Brain Highways Babies program elsewhere.

Sure, there are LOTS of baby programs already out there. But our two courses include information that is rarely shared among new and expecting parents--even though such knowledge makes all the difference as to whether a baby’s brain and nervous system develop as intended.

Yet, we also know that new and expecting parents are busy and maybe even feeling overwhelmed. So, that’s why our courses take very little time to complete and why parents can log on whenever is convenient for them. And while this information is critical to know, we present our courses in videos, audios, and infographics so that the content is always engaging and easy to acquire.


We offer two, different online Brain Highways Babies courses for new and expecting parents.

Our Your Baby's Brain: Easy Ways to Ensure a Great Future course includes why babies need to do specific movements during their first year of life, as well as concrete ways for parents to ensure that their babies do these movements. This course also presents how what we may inadvertently interfere with natural brain development and how that then affects attention, academics, sports, communication, and more later in life.

Our Calm Parents, Happy Babies: Reducing Prenatal and First-Year Stress course presents easy ways for parents to stay calm and grounded. That’s especially important since babies are reading their parents’ nervous system 24/7.




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