Upcoming courses: 
Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress, October 5th-November 16th
Brain Highways Babies: Developing the Brain, October 5th-November 16th
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Our Reducing Stress course was created for a variety of participants.

Here’s who might be interested in taking our base course: Couples who are thinking of starting a family, those who are expecting a baby, and those who already have a baby or toddler. (Note: Our family program is for kids three-years-old and older.) We also make it easy for a family member or caretaker to participate since the course fee covers an additional participant (so long as both participants are for the same child).

But this is NOT a class just for new and expecting moms. In fact, many dads have shared how they much they appreciated finally having some easy tools to help reduce their stress, as well as ways to interact that were not previously known to them. But, it’s also not necessary for two people to do the program for either the sole participant or baby to benefit.



Our Developing the Brain Course is for expecting parents and those with babies experiencing their first year of life.

Ideally, expecting parents take this course before their baby is born. That way, they’ll not only know what to do from Day 1, but they’ll also have the bigger picture of how that first year might go when natural brain development is a primary focus.

But parents with babies (at any age during that first year) will also benefit. In such case, such parents are ready to “practice” whatever we present, right then.



Our courses are affordable.

We recognize that finances are often a key stressor for new and expecting parents. So, we intentionally created a program that would be accessible to most people.

Brain Highways Babies: Reducing Stress costs $95. This course fee covers two participants—although the program can also be completed by just one parent. This class fee includes 45 audio clips, 15 videos, and 34 pdf files (that participants can download and save).

Brain Highways Babies: Developing the Brain costs $50.00 This course fee includes 34 audio clips, 13 videos, and 24 pdf files (that participants can download and save).




New classes begin on the first Saturday of every month.

Since many parents don’t work weekends, we opted to begin each course on a Saturday. That gives parents the weekend to get started, which may be easier than if courses began on a Monday.


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