Program participants agree to these terms.
  1. Brain Highways Babies is not a medical program, nor is it considered to be any kind of therapy. 

  2. Brain Highways Babies courses do not replace whatever new and expecting parents are already doing or whatever professional guidance they are currently following.

  3. All Brain Highways Babies courses are considered only educational, with the sole intent of “widening the view” of what’s currently offered to expecting and new parents.

  4. Participants may opt to give their log-in information to ONE secondary participant, who is either a spouse or primary caretaker of the same child, to access the course materials.

  5. The secondary participant is also bound to and agrees to the terms of this agreement.

  6. Participants understand that they only have access to the course materials link for four weeks. It is up to participants to review the materials during that time, including downloading any handouts that they wish to save.

  7. Participants assume full responsibility and liability for whatever they decide to implement as related to the Brain Highways Babies program.

  8. Participants agree to release, discharge, indemnify, hold harmless, and not take any legal action against Brain Highways, Inc. and its owners for any claims, damages, costs or anything incurred from participating in a Brain Highways Babies course.

  9. All materials, techniques, and methods provided to participants of the Brain Highways Babies courses are considered proprietary to Brain Highways.

  10. By enrolling in the program, participants acknowledge that such materials, techniques, and methods constitute confidential information and agree not to disclose such information without written permission from Brain Highways. This includes, but is not limited to, forwarding or duplicating Brain Highways materials for others not enrolled in the course.

  11. By enrolling in a Brain Highways Babies course, participants agree to never use any of the Brain Highways proprietary information for their own commercial use or the commercial use for someone else or in any other way whereupon confidential information may result in financial gain.