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Upcoming Online Adult Class: January 4th-March 6th, 2020
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The Adult Program is for anyone who wants a positive, energized, efficient brain.

adult in the brain highways adult program

Neuroscientists, doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, occupational and physical therapists, teachers, lawyers, and more have all participated in the Brain Highways program—debunking any misconception that there has to be “something wrong” with someone who wants to improve how his or her brain functions. 

And that’s the focus of our fun, informative 10-week adult course. It’s for people who’d like to achieve a higher level of brain integration, increase work productivity, keep essential brain-processing skills in “maximum” shape (to avoid problems often associated with age), and rewire the brain to replace unproductive thoughts with positive ones. 


The Adult Program is also for adults who may be struggling.

Problems, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disease, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, as well as chronic health problems, often greatly improve once the brain is working as intended. That’s because a disorganized brain may be a significant variable in many mental and physical health conditions.


Our adult participants often have a lot of “aha” moments.

As participants begin to learn how retained primitive reflexes and incomplete lower brain development have affected their lives, they may start to view their past actions very differently. That’s why the Videos for Kids and Adults on our home page might also provide some insights. 


Neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change) has no age limit.

It’s great to know that it’s never too late to organize the brain.



We want people’s expectations to be in sync with what the Adult Program offers.    

While we love people’s zest to jump right in and enroll, we don’t want anyone to do that without first reviewing the information in this section. That’s why it is truly in your best interest to go to the Adult Program’s Class Schedule and Fees and Enrollment Information pages (these links also appear in this section’s menu) only after you know, with certainty, that this is a course you’d like to take. 




I am 60. I have done the program and noted strong changes in my ability to handle stress, as well as improved cognitive performance. What an exciting concept . . . no matter our age, we can restore or complete our own brain development--and those gains are permanent. If brain and emotional health are important to you, watch the miracles unfold as you change your brain.

Dr. Jeff Parker