Nancy Green Director of BH

Nancy Green

Founder, Executive Director of Brain Highways



Nancy Green oversees the staff and families in both the San Diego and Online programs. She is also a consultant to the Denver Brain Highways Center.

For decades, Green has been known for her relentless passion to help others. That desire, along with her many rich, varied experiences as an educator, helped her create and develop the Brain Highways curriculum.

Some of those experiences as an educator included being a classroom teacher of students with diverse needs; an author of programs for major educational publishers; a consultant to school districts in California, New York and Texas; a presenter at national education conferences; and a guest lecturer at San Diego State University, San Jose State University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

When Green was a classroom teacher working at inner city schools, her students represented Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Hmong refugees; students in special education; and at-risk children with behavior and academic concerns.

And so, it was Green’s unique approach for working with these children that originally led her to become an educational consultant, author of more than a dozen educational programs used in schools nationwide, and a consultant for a nationwide elementary math curriculum where she provided suggestions for special needs students. As a consultant for public schools in San Diego County, Green also created numerous original onsite programs for students enrolled in both special education and gifted and talented programs.

However, although Green has a myriad of experiences as an educator, she has a particular, valuable skill that made it easy for her to create the unique Brain Highways program. She’s able to transform what often seems like overwhelming, complex information into a fun, entertaining program for adults and kids. And that’s exactly what Brain Highways offers to anyone who is interested in learning how the brain can change.

Green has additionally written magazine articles and authored two trade books for the general public: Raising Curious Kids (Crown Publishers) and Poisoning Our Children: Surviving in a Toxic World (The Noble Press).




Kiley Green Director of BH Denver

Kiley Paige Green

Director of Brain Highways Denver and Online Programs

Kiley Green, daughter of the founder of Brain Highways, has been involved with the program since it first began. Before opening the Denver Brain Highways Center in 2011, she assumed a variety of roles at the San Diego Brain Highways Center. These included being the lead facilitator of the Family Program classes and summer intensive programs, facilitating private sessions for significantly underdeveloped participants, and creating the popular Brain Highways science enrichment program.

With Kiley’s degrees in physiology and psychology, she also brings a new dimension to the Brain Highways program as she plans to expand key components to specifically help those with eating disorders and to improve sports performance and safety.






Lead and Assistant Program Facilitators

The Brain Highways lead program facilitators often have an education or psychology background. However, since the Brain Highways curriculum is so unique, it is the lead facilitators’ years of hands-on interactions with program participants that make them so highly effective. 

College students with a future interest in working in fields such as neuroscience, occupational therapy, child development, and education often assist the lead program facilitators. However, assistant program facilitators may also be high school seniors who completed the Brain Highways program when they were younger. In such case, these assistant program facilitators not only help the families, but they are also an inspiration to those who are just beginning this journey.