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Brain Highways began as a small, pilot program at a public school.

The initial goal was to find a common thread that explained why so many of today’s kids were struggling. Funded by a Wells Fargo Bank grant in 1999, Brain Highways started at Paul Ecke Elementary School in Encinitas, California. Unexpectedly, that path led to a surprising connection between incomplete lower brain development and behavior, focus, and academic performance.




Impressive results from that first pilot program led to training more teachers.

Over the next five years, Nancy Green additionally trained teachers at various public schools in San Diego’s North County. During this time, the San Diego Business Roundtable of Education, a group of local businesses that honor “exemplary and innovative school programs,” awarded Brain Highways its Best Practice Award.

As word kept spreading, people continued to be amazed that kids who had been previously deemed “problematic” were changing, both academically and behavior-wise, once they started organizing their brain. However, unless a child was in a classroom with a teacher who had received some Brain Highways training—he or she had no access to the program at all.




We opened our first Brain Highways Center in 2004 in San Diego.

When we opened our doors in 2004, there was already a line of people waiting to enroll. Brain Highways was no longer a program limited to just kids in select schools. Now, anyone could learn to organize his or her brain. And once the Brain Highways Center opened, parents could also attend classes with their kids, something that hadn’t been possible when the program was in the public schools.

As more and more families participated, we began to expand the curriculum far beyond what was first presented in those initial years in the schools. To this day, the program continues to evolve. 




In March, 2010, we launched our online family and adult programs.

The idea for an online program began when our participants kept asking, “Why aren’t there more Brain Highways Centers? After all, they had a friend or cousin or aunt who lived in another state who also wanted to participate.

After a lot of consideration, we decided that an online program was the best solution for making Brain Highways accessible to the largest number of people. Since then, people from all over the United States, as well as from far away places such as Hong Kong, Kenya, and India, have participated in our program.